Sunday, August 23, 2009

From Lowland to Mountains

I am in Colorado on a family vacation in the mountains. We are up very high. The elevation in Estes Park makes me quite dizzy. We have been to SW Colorado in a town called Naturita. We stayed in a cabin there. We also went to Ouray and Telluride which are mountain towns. We then headed across the mountain (which I found boring and car sickening) . We are now visiting Rocky Mountain National Park for a few days.
We have seen the biggest mountain in Colorado (Mt. Elbert) and this morning we finally were able to see some elk (well, elk butts) and we did get to see that they were spiked.

We will be heading toward Minnesota tomorrow stopping along the way. So far I think this trip is kind of fun, but it has also been boring.

Photos taken by me...