Sunday, May 9, 2010

To my son on Mother's Day

Today you are sick. Very sick. You lay in the chair sleeping - yearning to be able to get up, to eat to feel better. Life will get you down this way. Learn to roll with the eb and flow of life and it will be easier for you in the long run.

You will get back up and you will feel better. Soon, back to normal. It is quiet around here today. You are not there to fight with your siblings and to tell me what happened last week in school no, you are sleeping.

Rest my boy. You spent the first five years of your life resisting sleep. You fight and try to control too much sometime. It is part of who you are and a bigger part of when you were born - first.

Learn to take this quality and use it - fight for good things. Flow with the rest.

I love you Buddy,


  1. When I talked to you yesterday, I could hear how very sick you were. It made my heart hurt. I missed you so much yesterday. MOM, You , Addie and Tryllen. I am very thankful that your dad and Aiden could come to be with us. It was nice but not the same. My house was quiet not filled with the sounds of laughter, WII game, and running feet. I missed the hugs, kisses and conversation that we usually have. Get better my grandson, life is waiting and so am I.

  2. Love sweet...this is a treasure.