Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deer Hunting

Keegan went to his grandparent's house this weekend to help his dad set up deer stands. Keegan has taken to the idea of hunting, particularly bow hunting. He would be old enough this year to hunt with his father and use one of his dad's tags. If this will happens remains to be seen.

But a hunter he has become none the less.


Hopefully when he gets back he will have some pictures from his new camera to share.


  1. I was once almost trampled by a running buck...they are amazing animals. Hope you enjoy being in the wild.

  2. I am both gald and sad that you are a hunter. Sad because it means you are getting older and glad that you enjoy hunting like your grandfathers',uncles, and father. It is just fun to be out in the woods. I know you will have a good time. I hope you get at least a picture of some deer and stay safe.
    Love you more!

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